UNLIMITED Minutes for £7 every Sunday


Have as many minutes as you wish and only pay £7.


Normal Price £2 per 3 minute token

(3 min - £2, 6 min - £4, 9 mins - £6, 12mins - £8, 15 mins - £10, 18mins - £12)


(All offers excluded in our peak times: December, May, June, July, August)

Eyelash Care:

For the first 48hours after the application of your lash extensions, do not allow water to come into contact with the lashes.

Do not pull eyelash extensions out. That may cause severe damage to your natural eyelashes. Please book an appointment and they will be removed professionally.

Use water based mascara only. No oil based mascara. Do not let lashes come in contact with creams, oils, foundation. Clean your lashes daily to clean out dust, skin molecules, and everyday dirt. Avoiding those procedures may cause an eye infection.

Do no rub your eyes. Be gentle. Do not use lash curler as that may break bonds. Patch test needs to be carried out at least 24 hours prior to the appointment. It is client’s responsibility to ensure that they attended NLT Beauty to do so.


Nail Care:

Only remove acrylic/gel/gel polish nails professionally, as doing it yourself might severely damage your natural nails.

Avoid keeping gel polish/acrylic/gel nails in the water for long period of time. Dry hands properly after a shower/bath. Use gloves when washing up. Certain chemicals may change colour, shorten life span of the artificial nails. NLT Beauty is not responsible if artificial nail products have been removed at home, trust yourself to a professional.

Do not file your nails once shellac (gel polish) has been applied. Oil your nails at least every few days to maintain the flexibility of the nail and keep them moisturised whilst having artificial products on them.


Sunbed and tanning:

Please follow our recommendations regarding time and amount you should be exposed to UV light. Leave at least 24h between each session. Do not repeat tanning is signs or redness appear from previous session.

Please use suggested creams and goggles for your own safety. Do not open your eyes in the sunbed.

Exfoliate and moisturize your skin prior to tanning.

Remove perfume, body lotion, deodorant prior to the session. Don’t use normal UV Sun Protection Cream.

NLT beauty is not responsible for any damage caused by sunbeds if client has breached safety rules.

Please seek medical advise before using tanning equipment if you suffer from any of those conditions: ill effect from normal sunbathing, epilepsy, diabetes, heart condition, high/low blood pressure, hormone irregularities, headache/migraine, hypertension, fainting/giddiness, prickly heat, cold sores, moles, allergies, super sensitive to light, pregnant, taking any form of drug.


Waxing/Threading/Tinting/ Facials/Microdermabrasion

Do not shave the area before the appointment to achieve the best result and to avoid skin irritation.

Do not use UV tanning and hair removal procedures on the same day.

Patch Test required at least 24 hours prior the appointment. It is client’s responsibility to ensure it was carried out.

Facials – no make-up at least 24 hours after the treatment. Please follow recommendations of specialist from NLT Beauty Ltd.

People who have the following, are not allowed to have Microdermabrasion done on them, - who had sunbed or sun tan within last 7 days, have metal plates in their body i.e. metal knee, have eczema, acne, dermatitis, herpes, open sores, fragile capillaries, any If client doesn’t notify us, it is their responsibility further from that point.




Children and babies are client’s responsibility whilst being at the salon. It is client’s responsibility to come at least 24h prior to an appointment to carry out a patch test. It is client’s responsibility to notify of any health changes that have happened since originally filling out the form. It is client’s responsibility to check the quality of work before leaving the premises. No further amendments will be carried out if not notified at the premises during your appointment. All complaints should include clearly visible photos within 48hours from the appointment. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated towards the staff members and the client might be asked to leave. Client’s parking arrangements are not NLT Beauty’s responsibility. Allocated parking spaces are only to be used within the appointment times, outside these times your car may be a subject to a parking fine. If more than 10 minutes late, client may be asked to reschedule the appointment, and 50% of no-turn-up fee will be charged. 24h notice needs to be given to cancel or change appointment, otherwise 50% cancellation fee will be applied on your next visit. No refunds are issued, a repair will be offered or an agreed amount will be taken off your next visit. By providing email address and phone number client accepts promotions and deals to be sent to him. NLT Beauty Ltd. is not responsible in case incorrect information has been provided at the consultation stage of an appointment. Sunbeds are prohibited to anyone under the age of 18. ID may be asked to be provided. Sunbed course only to be used by the person who bought it. Client is to remain still during the appointments, as that may result in faulty work or health hazard. Contact lenses must be removed before using tanning equipment and lash treatments. Please note there is CCTV camera inside and outside the premises for the safety reasons. GDPR Law Act – NLT Beauty is keeping your information for insurance purposes and to be able to provide correct and safe treatment on clients. NLT Beauty Ltd will keep your details on file for the 5 years from your last appointment with us due to the insurance purposes. If you wish to request your details we hold on file for you, we are more than happy to provide you with them. NLT Beauty has the right to change the policy.


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