Eyebrows £7

Ears & Nose £8

Underarms £11

Arms £23


Shoulders £9

Half Leg £21

Whole Leg £31

Chest & Stomach £31

Back £26

Male Hollywood (B, S & C) £39



Eyebrow Waxing or Threading + Tinting = £12







SIENNA X Spray Tan - £24


Or 2x people for only £19 per person


(Preparation for spray tan: Thoroughly exfoliate and moisturise your skin 24 hours prior to your session. Not exfoliating fully will cause a patchy result.

On the day of your session, do not use any soap, deodorant, cosmetics or lotion of any type on your skin. Make sure to wear loose, dark clothing to your session.)



Sunbed - £2 per 3 minute token


Sunbed Courses

60 minutes - £39

90 minutes - £48

120 minutes - £57

150 minutes - £63

180 minutes - £71




Manicure & Pedicure


Quick Manicure £5

SPA Manicure £18

(includes Paraffin Treatment)

Or just Paraffin extra £7


Quick Pedicure £10

SPA Pedicure £28

(includes Paraffin Treatment)

Or just Paraffin extra £9


(A paraffin wax "dip" or "bath" is a soothing treatment in which hands or feet are submerged in a warm mixture of paraffin, a petroleum-based wax, and mineral oil. This warming treatment soothes aching joints and improves circulation, and the combination of oil and wax softens rough skin.)






Hydration Facial

(30 minutes) £25


Cleansing Facial (1 hour) £40

(Only recommended twice a year)


(An anti-ageing deep cleansing facial, which super boosts the skin and protects against the effects of shaving and environmental damage. This facial lasts for one hour and has immediate results.)